Alongside the decisions you and your designers make photography will be one of the biggest elements in your branding. It can communicate the personality of your organisation in a consistent way that is both true to your business and memorable to your potential clients. Images used on your website or in your marketing materials tells people who you are and poor quality images will communicate the wrong message about what you offer.

When clients are looking for a service or product they may only spend seconds looking at your website, so the visuals on your site play a huge part in making them stop and take time to find out more.

Stock photos can be a inexpensive way to add good quality images rather than your own snaps, however these might not completely fit with your brand and hiring an expert for your photography has huge benefits.

Budgeting for and hiring a professional photographer means you have imagery that is completely unique to your business and is a fast method of showing potential clients your brand personality. That’s so important nowadays when they can easily browse 20 or more websites looking for a product or service.

Working from your brief a photographer can shoot great images of your team, work space or products that can really help people to recognise and connect with your brand quickly; and will give you high resolution images that can be printed on anything from business cards to huge banners, or resized for viewing on a smart phone.

Your graphic designer will be able to recommend a photographer and will also have some suggestions for your brief – this might be a use of brand colours in the shots, or shooting wide images that leave space for text overlays. Think about your business, message and target audience. Will you want headshots that look smart and professional or friendly and casual? Images of your finished products, or behind the scenes shots of the production process?

Every method of communication should send a clear message of who you are and what you do, and an authentic library of consistent, high quality images is a long term investment that can be used time and again.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss branding and photography for your business.

Sarah Horton
Sarah Horton Photography


Sarah rents a desk with us at JG Creative when she’s not out and about shooting. Do you need a base a few days a week? Find out more here.