Alex TLC Relaunch

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Sara Hunt is a single mum of two sons diagnosed with adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD), the most common of the leukodystrophies, in 2001. Following this most devastating of diagnoses, Sara spent the next 12 years making the best of their new “normal”. The charity ALD Life grew from this desire and has supported hundreds of people with ALD and adrenomyeloneuropathy (AMN) and their families.

When a charity is really good at what they do, they may take the decision to expand so that they can use the skills and experience they’ve gained to help more people. ALD life was ready to grow when Sara got in touch with us. They had a new name, logo and wanted to work with us to create a strong brand for Alex, The Leukodystrophy Charity and communicate the changes to their supporters, beneficiaries and the professionals they work with.

We managed their fantastic launch event in St Thomas’ Hospital, London, inviting their guests, producing the goodie bags – with new leaflets, postcards, coasters, badges and pins. Guests were also able to take away everything they needed to run their own fundraising event – a SimilariTEA party – including the bunting!

Their new website also launched on the same day giving people a huge amount of useful information about all of the different leukodystrophies as well as symptoms, treatments and condition management. There’s even a glossary built into the site to help people understand all of the difficult terms associated with the conditions.

We loved working on this project and are delighted that it has been so well received.

Founder and CEO Sara said: “Working with the staff at JG Creative has been such a positive experience. Processes have been logical, innovative and transparent promoting trust and confidence during a difficult transition. Recommend their services wholeheartedly”.