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We have recently redesigned a new website for Heart of Birmingham Vocational College. The college caters for learners aged 16-25, with special educational needs and/or autism. They required a site which was accessible for potential learners and their parents, whilst still being flexible and easy for them to update in-house.

The college did some internal research from current students to understand what they wanted to see online. The new site therefore follows a consistent and uncluttered layout with images of current learners and staff used extensively to provide a familiar and friendly face to potential and existing learners. These are complemented by several videos showing an visual description of both day-to-day life at the college and welcome videos from the tutors. All of these are designed to build familiarity with the college and therefore reduce anxiety in potential learners, especially those with Autism before they visit.

There is also a short and simple quiz online to find out which pathway would suit learners most in their journey to employment or independence.

The written content across the site is in plain English and any main messages or headlines are accompanied by easy-read ‘Widgit’ symbols to further aid understanding. These also move responsively with the text across desktop, tablet and mobile views.

Any clickable actions on the site are large, clear and bold, to assist users with physical or motor difficulties.

We’ve also printed a short prospectus with similar key information, layout, Widgits and photography to be used in person to promote the college and show the features and videos available online.