Lace Partnership White Paper

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Following a client referral, LACE Partners approached us to design their first white paper – a 44 page document with a high degree of written content.

Our first step was to speak to the client to obtain a detailed brief to ensure we understood the clients’ needs. The words which came out of the meeting were; Slick, professional, punchy and engaging. It was also imperative that the pages were flexible to accommodate the varying content length, and to make prominent use of the quotes and testimonials obtained from high-profile company and HR directors. The client was happy to use photography, so we sourced a suite of images that we used boldly throughout, not only to create visual interest but also to convey the main messages in the paper.

The page structure is clear, utilising their colour palette to maximum effect and combining their fonts to highlight information hierarchy clearly to the reader.

The white paper was designed, printed and delivered in a 4 week turnaround and was very well received by the client. Following its launch in mid-June this year, a further 300 copies have been re-printed due to high demand.