Missio Rebrand

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Missio is a charity steeped in tradition and its language had not evolved to keep up with the needs of a modern-day audience.  Even in plain English, some of the messages were intricate and confusing.

Through a series of workshops, we ‘unpacked’ the real meaning, purpose and motivations of Missio’s key messages and applied a new set of tone of voice guidelines to them to help the organisation to communicate more effectively, and more strategically, with its multiple and varied audiences.

Tone of voice and simple language was developed to make the charity’s mission and vision more accessible, whilst also retaining the heritage and traditions of the organisation.

The logo was also refreshed and a new strapline applied. ‘Today. Tomorrow. Together.’ was developed to highlight their USP of being in communities working alongside people for the long-term, not just during a crisis.

The revised brand repositioned the four existing societies as four areas of Missio’s work and photography rules were developed. A suite of photography, from their existing images were chosen to save money.

Brand guidelines have been created and the new brand has been applied to their existing website, updating the language, messaging, visual style, photography and donation process.

We are continuing to work with them to update other materials in the new brand.