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Putting the ‘social’ into social media

Did you know that according to 2021 statistics, the average person spends 145 minutes on social media every day?

Roundabouts Day Nursery were very aware of this and asked us to help support them with their social media. They knew it was an important channel to communicate with new and existing families, but were busy running the nursery and were finding it hard to make it a priority.

We were delighted to help, and our social media whizz Alison set to work creating an organic social content strategy. Using their website and current social media, Alison reviewed current performance and audience, content pillars and made a plan to test and refine messaging. We also created a new social media brand ‘template’ to ensure every post is consistent and recognisable as Roundabouts.

It was important that each post told a story and gave people an insight into life at the nursery, never forgetting the all important call to action. We wanted the posts to be informative too, with tips and activities to do at home to keep people engaged.

After the first quarter we were delighted to report that their page views were up 33%, reach was up 28%, likes were up 50% and engagement was up a whopping 45%!

Nursery owner Kate said “I am blown away! Our Facebook page looks incredible and I can’t thank you enough. We have seen a big increase in enquiries at nursery and we are nearly at capacity in each room!”

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a reset in many aspects of life and social media is one of them. Use of media—including social media—has increased significantly. Get in touch with Alison today if you need our help to make sure those people who are on social media are finding you…