Signmaster Rebrand

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When our client bought Signmaster Systems they wanted to update the look and feel to reflect the business they wanted it to be.

We worked closely with them to understand what they wanted their brand to portray and then came up with several strong concepts which we narrowed down to the two we presented. The final logo is bold and uncompromising and firmly establishes them as the masters of wide format printing. We created logos for each of the four areas of their business too, with unique colours to be carried through to uniforms and signage in the office.

Designing the whole office building came next, inside and out, including the HUGE walls in the print room. Extremely exciting!

Our concept for the space is based on an art gallery, which gave us an excuse to put large pieces of ‘art’ on the walls in each of the materials that can be printed on the printers they sell to show them what can be done. There will even be a ‘wrapped’ car body hanging from the wall.

Lucy from Signmaster Systems said of the project:

I have been working with JG Creative for years now and when I had an opportunity to purchase a new business one of the first things I was desperate to do was a rebrand……simply because the current brand was so dated and I knew JG Creative would come up with something that I would be proud of. The new business I brought was based in fantastic premises, huge white walls which we screaming to have graphics splashed all over them and having worked with JG Creative on a similar project for a customer of ours a few years back, I had no hesitation in getting them involved to make the open space more engaging for both customers and staff members.

I just love the creativity of JG, the ideas they come up with regularly blow my mind and I laugh at how brilliant they are! I couldn’t get anywhere close to imagining the things they do and myself and Samantha my business partner were like kids at Christmas wondering what they had created! We now not only have a logo that we are incredibly proud of but a premises that is top notch, the pictures speak for themselves! JG will always be the agency I go to, I trust them so much and have come to rely on them heavily for all things creative.

Take a look at the website we designed and built for them here.