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It’s fair to say we loved working with Emma on this brand. It was a brand new company with a very clear audience – young professionals who want a gap year experience in their two-week annual holiday. They are adventurous and want to explore, see the world off the beaten track. People just like us!

We designed three possible routes and although Emma loved all of them we all had a favourite. Photography is a key part of this brand and we chose to use images that this audience could aspire to taking themselves. These are all selfie-style, first-person images of amazing locations that are very popular on instagram nowadays. We also suggested that we are travel encourages their customers to send in their own pictures so that over time the branding becomes a genuinely authentic representation of who they are.

We’ve designed the brand guidelines, website, promotional items and Lonely Planet adverts so far with lots more to come…

“From the start Jo listened intently to me talk about my vision and shared in my passion to build a strong identity for my company.

Her team talked me through a number of ideas and created a short list of brands for me to consider. Any one of these could easily have been the final product and I would have still been incredibly happy.

On completion, I had an immediate emotional response to the final brand that had been created… and that cannot be captured in a testimonial. The final product, the level of support, the passion and investment in this piece of work from JG creative was beyond all of my expectations.

They say that you get what you pay for. Don’t tell JG Creative, but I got an awful lot more than that.”

Emma Colclough