This month our blog is technically a vlog! That’s because we really want to share with you our recent Charity Marketing Peer Support Group session where Lynne, CEO of Disability Positive, spoke to Jo about their rebrand which launched last year.

The results are incredible:
In 2019 they had 11,041 unique visits to website, but in 2020 that went up to 42,287. Almost 400% up
In 2019 they provided 59,000 hours of support to customers, but in 2020 that went up to 147,000!
They also saw a 15% increase in social media engagement, year on year and they know that ‘people understand who we are and what we do better, including our staff’.

Watch the video to hear them discuss all the stages of a rebrand, including:

  • Introductions
  • Why rebrand?
  • Is it right for you to rebrand? 
  • Choosing an agency
  • Getting everyone on board 
  • Brand research
  • Changing your name
  • Changing your look and feel
  • Key messages
  • Keeping everyone up to date
  • Applying the brand
  • The launch
  • After the launch
  • Evaluation
  • Adapting to external pressures

If you want to talk to us about rebranding please email Jo today. To join us at our next Charity Marketing Peer Support Group book here.

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