It’s a personal blog from me today.

It’s a time of change here at JG Towers at the moment. We said goodbye to our lovely Marketing Project Manager Amy a couple of weeks ago, she’s now at Caudwell Children Charity after 14 months here, looking after our clients like a champ.

Today we say goodbye to Alison after over 9 years at JG Creative 😭

Alison is my younger sister and came to help me out when I needed support about a year after starting JG. She’s been supporting me ever since. I honestly wouldn’t have been able to grow the business without her tireless work. We describe her as ruthlessly efficient and anyone who has worked with her will agree, I’m sure!

Alison gets more done in a day than anyone I’ve ever met. She also genuinely multi-tasks and keeps at least 25 tabs open in her browser at once, as she doesn’t have the time (or patience) to wait for new pages to keep opening up.

I don’t think I’ve made any big decision about the company without discussing it with her first. We’re a good team because I’m a dreamer and she’s a realist. We balance each other perfectly, even if she does have to open my eyes to the realities of my grand schemes sometimes!

Looking back over photos of the last 9 years for her farewell slide show (coming to social media soon) I was struck by how often there were children around. We truly do ‘work to live’ and sometimes if the kids need to come too then that’s fine. One of my favourite pics is of Alison’s youngest, Emilia, aged 3, painting a door before we moved into our current office. What the photo doesn’t show is our dad and Megan’s dad installing the giant cork board wall and Nicki unpacking boxes – all on a Sunday afternoon.

JG Creative will always be a family business, whether my family are employed here or not, because we become each others family. We’re super excited to celebrate Megan’s marriage at her wedding next year and welcome Lisa who’s coming from YMCE Crewe to become our new Marketing & Client Services Manager next month.

We’ll miss you Alison, but we’re excited for your new adventure and we can’t wait to hear all about your new role at Lime Management. They are VERY lucky to have you.

Thank you for indulging me this week. The A-Z of Communications continues next time…

Love Jo xx