Your visual design attracts attention but WHAT you say keeps them interested. It also educates and informs them about who you are and what you do.

When you’re building your brand there’s often an emphasis on the visual brand (because that’s the cool, exciting bit) and not enough on the verbal brand – in our humble opinion.

Key messages are what you want your target audience to hear about you and remember. By crafting them once and using them consistently you will amplify your message over time. They’re often used in charities to consistently speak to a broad range of stakeholders from supporters to beneficiaries and staff to influencers (like MPs).

What to remember:

  • Keep it short
  • Use spoken language – they’ll often be said out loud and it ensures no jargon creeps in!
  • Focus on your vision, not the details of what you do
  • Assume the listener knows nothing about you

Ideally you’d write your main key message in a few different lengths to make it easy to be used anywhere. You could also write versions for each of your main audience groups, saying the same thing but speaking directly to them. For example (this is a made up charity!):

General message – Charity X ensures no child will go hungry in the UK.

For supporters – We need your help to ensure no child goes hungry in the UK. Donate today…

For beneficiaries – We know things are difficult at the moment. If you need help to keep you children’s tummies full, we can help. Call Charity X today…

For volunteers – Work with us to ensure no child goes hungry in the UK. Volunteer your time to Charity X by…

Now do yours! Use this FREE Key Messaging template to craft your own key messages and keep them together in one place for everyone to use. Make sure you revisit them annually to ensure they’re still relevant and fresh.

We’d love to see what you do, or if you’re struggling give me a ring and we’ll help you. Good luck!

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Jo Grubb
Managing Director, JG Creative

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