Some of the best blogs I’ve read were written as an immediate reaction to a situation. The author writes what’s in their head and allows their thoughts to flow. They don’t overthink their content, which can create an emotive and powerful reaction with their audience.

If you spend too much time planning a blog post like this, you start to procrastinate and it never gets written – there’s always another idea or opinion to consider. The same theory applies to making a creative design choice.

Everyone has an opinion on design
You can’t please everyone with design. It isn’t a scientific process, it’s subjective. People have their own ideas of what ‘good’ and ‘bad’ looks like.

In 2015, Google changed the design of its logo and the media went wild with polarised opinions. Design ‘experts’ called the new logo “childish, bland and unsophisticated”. Google weren’t concerned. Their objective was to create a new more playful logo that reflected the changing needs of its audience.

If you pass a new design concept around the office, you can guarantee your colleagues will have different opinions. It’s helpful to ask for feedback but making decisions by consensus tends to slow things down and can lead you to overthink your decision. So when you see your design concepts for the first time, remember the feelings and emotions they evoke in you before you show them to anyone else.

Go back to your brief
A good design agency (like us!) will have created designs to answer your brief, but do refer back to the original brief yourself and ensure that the design meets your requirements. Consider your audience and your objectives. You will never be able to second-guess your audience but try to put yourself in their shoes and think how they might react to the design. Stay focused and review the design against your original objectives. Does it meet the brief? There’s a reason why you spent time and effort putting that brief together!  

Leave it overnight
When it comes to choosing creative, it’s important to retain a sense of perspective. If you’re suffering from overwhelm, I’d suggest you leave the office and come back to it with a fresh pair of eyes. A good night’s sleep can work wonders. (There’s a blog post on just this subject coming soon…)

Trust your designer
Still undecided? Your designer is here to support you through the decision-making process. Have chat with them and talk through any reservations you may have. They are experienced in their field and they know what works. You can trust their expertise and guidance.

All things considered, often the best antidote to overthinking is to go with your gut. Let your sub-conscious take charge. It often knows best!  

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you didn’t, I won’t mind. I understand that one-size doesn’t necessarily fit all.

Jo Grubb
Creative Director, JG Creative