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We recently designed, built and launched an informative and engaging website for Crewe Town Board. This team of leading figures from Crewe’s civic and business community have come together to develop a Town Investment Plan to secure up to £25 million in Government funding for Crewe. We were successful in our bid to win the project in early December 2020. The website needed to be live on 6th January 2021. To add an extra level of complexity, it also needed to conform to AA compliance – an accessibility standard meaning the website can be used and understood by the majority of users with a disability.

The site was also required to use the Crewe ‘Place’ brand, previously developed by Hemmingway Design. We were careful to ensure this was used to maximum effect across the pages – making particular use of the patterns and shapes created.

The whole process including wireframes, design, build and testing was done within a two-week timeframe, and the site successfully launched on time. The team at Crewe Town Board are delighted with the result. David Edwards, Charity Executive Director of Flag Lane Baths and Town Board member, said:

“JG Creative are brilliant web designers with a strong work ethic. They have delivered an excellent website within very tight deadlines, without compromising on quality. They have been very attentive to our needs, as set out in the initial brief and have remained true to our brand guide. 
I would definitely recommend JG Creative for web design or any other design work. To put it simply – Thank YOU!”