ETF RARPA document

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We loved working with our longstanding client Natspec to produce a 68 page interactive resource to be shared via the Education & Training Foundation (ETF) for teachers of learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities.

Most people would be accessing the document online, so it had to be designed to best fit this format. As some of the audience would be visually impaired, it was designed with accessibility in mind so it would work well for users with screen readers.

We followed the ETF’s bold colour palette and clear headings to identify the themes throughout, and designed a flexible structure for the supporting quality assurance and self-audit tool, which was fluid enough to allow for varying information and content throughout.

The final design is simple but striking and was very well received by both parties.

We love building relationships with our client and relish the opportunity to work with them on multiple projects. Take a look at the directory we created for Natspec here, and how we created a very different format for a communications piece here.