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October 2021 saw the launch of a much needed bus service for people living in rural, south-west area of Cheshire East.

We were provided with the name ‘Go-too’ and got to work quickly devising a ‘fresh, stand-out brand’ aiming at people age 16 upwards. Keeping in mind the buses would be the main form of advertising, we created a logo using a clear distinct font, combined with lines and dots to hint at the ‘hop on, hop off’ nature of the service.

Orange and green provided a bright and contrasting colour palette, perfect for use on the silver buses and also linking back to the rural route the buses are taking.

The brand has been rolled out over three buses and a van, app, advertising materials and website. Look out for the buses near you!

Click here to watch a video of our designs being brought to life (opens in Facebook) and check out their website for details on how to book your trip!