Missio Animation

  • Digital
  • Not-for-profit

We were thrilled to launch to launch this animation for our client, Missio. Its main purpose was to inform their donors how money raised via the Red Box is spent and helps around the world.

We worked with with Missio and our superb copywriter Andrea Holland from The Charity Academy, to write the beautiful and engaging script to represent the journey of a donation, with the theme of community, adventure and hope running through it. We then created the storyboards and visuals to bring the words to life. Directions, music and additional sound effects were briefed in to Majestical who pieced the animation together. The finished result is simple, but beautiful. A truly collaborative process.

Michelle from Missio said: We were very happy with the final product! Our vision was to create an easy, accessible, clear and concise message for our supporters – to thank them and assure them that their Red Box donations are used responsibly in helping those in greatest need. JG Creative successfully and creatively interpreted this and designed a beautiful product. Thank you!