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PANDAS Foundation are the only UK free support for every parent and their network who is struggling with their perinatal mental health. They offer support from conception through to birth and beyond with empathy, hope and signposting and are run by a dedicated team, who all have lived experience of perinatal mental health conditions. 

Earlier this year, they approached us wanting to rebrand their charity.

After extensive research and a detailed brief from the Head of Charity we liked the idea of linking in the weather to their services and in particular, an umbrella. It symbolizes shelter and protection, can be a symbol of the sun and also of the shade. It has powerful connotations with mental health and is relatable to many of their service users.

We created  the umbrella with four sections to represent the changing seasons. The colour palette is neutral, featuring bold and pastel teals, complemented with warming and comforting peach tones. The logo is hand-drawn style to communicate the friendly and approachable nature of PANDAS and is teamed with the strap line ‘Hope for parents’, underlined for emphasis.

We also developed a suite of brand assets  – a series of umbrellas each denoting different types of weather (and feelings). An important and integral part of the brand, which can be used to support their messaging.

We designed and built a completely new website full of guidance and helpful information, to be launched in time for PND Awareness Week 2020 and are now rolling out the new look and feel across their printed materials.

Annie Belasco, head of charity for PANDAS, added: “We had to make a huge decision about our rebrand at the height of the pandemic when people really needed us. We knew we had to get this right as the sustainability of the charity depended on it.

“We had complete trust in the team at JG Creative and I really believe that our future is now more secure following this rebrand.”

“Working with Jo and the team at JG Creative has been a thoroughly enjoyable and exciting experience. Historically, our charity has not experienced any major changes and to meet such an empowering and knowledgeable team of experts was enlightening.

“The relationship was built during and beyond COVID19 which was a great risk for our charity, however, with the insight and advice from Jo and the team we had every confidence that re branding our charity during a pandemic could be successful.

“Jo and the team have transformed our worn-out image into something new, special, fresh and unique. They had a vision and we worked together to make it happen.”