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Rare Earth Digital approached us to design the front-end of their website and give their logo a refresh.

Being software developers, their current website was technically very sound, but looking outdated visually, and it also didn’t accurately represent the type of projects they are involved with, or their scope.

We started by having an in-depth meeting to tease out who their clients currently are, their prospective clients and who in those companies would be seeking their services. It also became apparent in the meeting we would need a solution which resolved how to show something which is not visual. Bringing their clients to the forefront and using them as case studies to highlight how software has improved their productivity in the workplace gave us a solid base for the structure, and look and feel of the site.

Wireframes were produced and presented to the team. We also wrote the copy for the site with a new tone of voice and approach. Once approved, these were turned into ‘design-flats’ for the developers at Rare Earth to build.

Claire Smith, Head of Marketing at Rare Earth Digital, said: “The JG team were a breath of fresh air to work with on our recently updated website project. After the initial meeting we agreed on the design and layout of the site. They worked their magic to design us a professional looking site, which would incorporate a better customer journey. The team also supported us with the content and copywriting which was invaluable.
We would highly recommend using JG Creative if your website is looking a little outdated (like ours was!) and you want to give it an overhaul and refresh”