National Council of Women Student Resource

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We absolutely loved working with our client the National Council of Women to produce this bold and engaging 48 page resource document which is designed to give young students the knowledge and inspiration to turn their passion for equality into change-making activities. The hope for the resource is that it’ll help start discussions, raise awareness, and engage young people in activities to improve society.

We created a fun colour palette and used eye-catching illustrations throughout to identify the various different topics, and ensured the design worked for both print and digital use so it could be accessed by a wide audience. The final design is striking and was very well received by both parties.

If you think you, your school, or college would benefit from this resource you can download it from the NCW website.

“The resource is incredible. It’s everything I wanted – I just love the design, and all the additional illustrations and touches you have added for it! I can’t put it into words!” – Helena Trenkic, Author of the National Council of Women Resource.