Such a useful little word when you’re making decisions about your brand.

The core of your brand is ‘Who you are’ (remember the brand iceberg?). The WHY? question can be used over and over when creating or clarifying your vision, purpose and values.

Start with the big questions:

WHY do people need us?
WHY should people choose to use us?

WHY should people support us?

And with each answer continue to ask ‘But, WHY?’. It will be very frustrating but it will really help you dig down to your core reason for being.

This is a summary of our journey to our real purpose – and it really is a summary of many hours of meetings and conversations!

Why do people need us?

Because we’re great designers.

But so are other companies, WHY is that important to our clients?

Because we really understand that the charity sector is different.

But WHY is that important?

Because they are busy doing amazing work and need an agency that can just get on with it and produce designs that work for them.

But WHY is that important?

Because the work they do is so important. It changes people’s lives.

So WHY do people need us?

Because we change lives through good communication.

It sounds like a really bold statement, but we needed to be confident with our purpose and really dig down to our ‘WHY’ too. The reason we work hard and love what we do is exactly this. We believe that we’re helping to make a difference.

By asking WHY repeatedly (like a 2-year old!) you really have to simplify it down to one core idea. So often when people describe why they’re here they try and squeeze everything into one statement. Stop. Keep it simple and clear. The time for further explanation will come.

WHY is also a useful question when you’re reviewing if your brand is working as well as it can. If you’re considering a rebrand then really interogate ‘WHY should we change our name ‘ or ‘WHY should we change the way we look?’. They’re not small decisions and asking yourselves WHY and ideally your staff, beneficiaries/clients and donors/customers too will give you a really clear idea of what needs to change as you plan how to get there.

Day to day it’s also invaluable. When you’re creating marketing materials, social media posts or website content always ask yourself:

WHY will someone be interested in this?
WHY will they respond?

If the answer isn’t clear enough then make some changes!

Think about other ways you can use your WHY day-to-day too.

WHY – the tiny tool in your brand toolkit you should never be without!


Jo Grubb
Managing Director, JG Creative