We’re a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable bunch here at JG Creative. Clients feel comfortable asking us questions about the design process or what makes a great communication, and we love to answer them!

Welcome to the A-Z of Design.

This will be a series of blog posts (26 in fact) covering the essential elements of design and communications, created to answer all the questions you’ve ever wanted to ask on the subject.

We’ll post a new blog from one of the team every fortnight (look out for some guest posts from other clever people too). We love to know what you think or if there’s anything you’d love to know!


A is for Audience, a blog from JG Creative Owner, Jo Grubb.

B is for Brief, a blog from Senior Designer, Nicki Francomb.

C is for Copywriting, a guest blog from Comma Sense owner, Lucy Jackman.

D is for Decisions, a blog from Marketing Manager, Alison Bowett.

E is for Everyone, a blog from Jo about design that’s accessible for all.

F is for Feedback, a blog from Senior Designer, Nicki Francomb about how to give effective feedback.

G is for Guidelines, a blog from Jo with great brand guideline examples.

H is for Hierarchy, a blog from Nicki all about laying out your information.

I is for Infographics, a blog from Jo about visualising your data, with examples!

J is for Justification, a three in one blog from Nicki about manipulating text.

K is for Kerning, a three in one blog from Nicki about manipulating text.

L is for Leading, a three in one blog from Nicki about manipulating text.

M is for Materials, a blog to demystify different print materials by Marketing Manager Alison.

N is for New Media, what is it and how can you use it?

O is for Overthinking, find it hard to make a design decision? This is for you.

P is for Photography, a guest blog by Sarah Horton Photography on the importance of photography in design.

Q is for Questions, a guest blog by Lucy from Comma Sense.

R is for Responsive, a guest blog by Jez from Rare Earth Digital coming Friday 4th May.

Extra Guest Blogs

The power of networking, a blog from Jo about how to get the most out of your networking opportunities.

10 ‘must know’ facts about GDPR, a blog by Virtual ROI

How to do a brand review, Jo takes you through the five steps of a brand review, that helpfully spell out B-R-A-N-D!